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current and past e-vents

Rants and raves

Obama and the United States

My son keeps wondering why I am so available to help him these days.

I used to come home at the end of the day, all bushed out and  ready to relax.

Now when he comes home, I talk to him, and he just wants to go play wii or watch on his phone.

The cat stevens song , the cats in the cradle really is really approriate to my situation these days.

I always kept my nose to the grind stone, and I kept my bosss happy with the work that was currently needed. Always ready to extend my working hours if that meant finishing deadlines. Then came cut offs.  I was let go the fifth one in our department. I was upset, but not surprised. The boss said the company had to tighten its belt, and he was cutting our department down to the minimum needed to keep it alive.

So here I am, out of a job. Nowhere to go, and nothing to do.

I scour the classifeds for new work.

I found one position, but they were not too serious for too long. I was there a few months, and then i was dismissed. I was realy on good terrms with that boss. We parted on good friendship.

So, I am getting ready looking for a new position.

My resume has been gone over many times, and It is nice and polished. I even have a full color version to impress the designers shops.

Despite all that I had in my tool box, such as Quark Xpress, a page layout program, which allows you to set up a page for Print.  As I also picked up inDesign, another program that did page layout. InDesign was the new program, that replaced Xpress (for me anyway).

My toolbox also had, Photoshop (A pixel based editor, use for cleaning up photos, and making dream designs)  Illustrator (A vector based program (Contact for more info on vector) used to design logos and also for pictures of a lines boxes and squares nature.)

I also worked with Microsoft excell, word, powerpoint.  And a slew of other programs.

But I never could get the hand of CODING.

The new world was, INTERNET.

www this, and .com that.  every where you turn there is websites and cool interactive websites.

And all the new jobs are calling for coding for websites.

My nose was set to the grindstone, and now I was left with nothing but a rubbed out nose.

Every job posting has internet and bachelors degree and if i sound bitter at this time, it’s because my shoulders are squished tight and I am trying to match my fingers to speed of my thoughts....

So, I did not go to school.  I was not current on my toolbox.  I am not a graphic designer. The last time I was graphic is too far away to remember, If ever.

And here I am  trying to finish off the “obama and the united states story.”

I am dumping feelings that I have pent up. I am no longer frustrated. I got used to checking the newspaper for jobs, and not getting any answers.

My wife is no longer nagging me to keep looking. I keep busy on miniscule projects.

I go to the gym. (Hardly enough to justify the membership costs)

I start my day late, I am tired all day.  I keep meandering from one thing to the next.

I can go on my email, which is bills and junk mail. Than i get lead to a website, which usually leads me to a ad on wikipedia, I follow up by going to YouTube.

I wander through my subscription. I am going on and on....

Face Book,,,  Youtube,,  movies, (I don’t watch movies by day, at least not usually)

Before i know it it is 3:41pm, and I get ready for the afternoon roundup.

I will pickup my wife from work (Thank god one of us is working)

I am going to go over what i’ve written untill now, and I know it will sound like i am complaining and i don’t really deserve to be listed to.

But i am sure i am not the only one in this situation.

There is an online service called Elance.  It is a site that you can advertise a design project, and people from around the world bid on it, and once you choose a person, the designer will do the job, based on what you agreed on.  To my taste, that is opening yourself up to a whole lot of hurt.

You can take to the web and get hurt.  I landed a job once.  Or should I say it real.

I once had a job.  I made fifty bucks on it.  And elance did not allow me to work with this guy again.  The guy had to put his ad up for grabs, and i would never hear from him again.

I went fishing on elance for a while, but all the jobs were always posted to other people.

The i went to LinkedIn, I signed up. entered my information. Overly sold myself as a designer.  And I’ve been getting job offerings for Lead Designer at this company, and another job as head of this department, and head of that department. But I never qualified for the requirements.

I had some stuff they wanted, and could have picked up on other stuff, from google and lynda dot com, But i never had the education needed for their requirements. They wanted Bachelor of this and that.  I did not have a degree at all.

In my mind, I was always sure I could have a job, go to work, and come home and be proud.  Now, I have none of the above.  No job, and nothing to be proud of.

I should do my nails now.  See you laters

About Us


In 1986, Monarch Graphics started out as a small graphics and printing bureau.

Serving Computer layout and design, full color printing, advertising, for businesses as well as people too.


Monarch is a king.

Monarch is a butterfly.

Being the king is good. But it is a lonely role.

A graphic designer works alone.

Monarch butterflies are fun.

Graphic designer involves themselves with people. Teams and teams of people.

Clients. Schedules. Family. LIFE.

Monarch Graphics has always been on the threshold of both King and Butterfly.


Working one on one with clients to schedule and appraise. Working alone to produce sharp images in a timely fashion.